Steel clips for "straightening of teeth" (braces, bands) are still unpopular, but often essential, when an optimal tooth position is desired not only to improve cosmetic appearance, but also for better self-cleaning techniques of the oral cavity. This procedure also avoids contribution of caries and periodontal disease.

In recent years, invisible rail systems have been developed for simpler cases of misaligned teeth.  These are increasingly becoming a popular choice (ecligner® or invisalign®).

The procedure is quite simple to understand: the initial situation in the mouth is duplicated and then denture models are produced by a dental technician. Next, the model of the unfavorable teeth are cut out and re-assembled in an optimum position.

If you scan both models, a computer can calculate the path that each tooth has to travel from the starting position to the target position. This path is divided into small steps, each step again created by a denture model and then creates a transparent rail.

If the rails are now replaced at weekly intervals, this will gradually move the teeth due to the pressure of the rail slowly arranging its target position.


Once they are arranged, they are permanently fixed, so that they can no longer move back.

During the treatment period, which can last from a few weeks to several months, the device must be worn 22 from 24 hours a day. This will impair the patient in appearance and also reduce the ability to speak much. The device will only be removed to eat and to clean the teeth.