Dental hygiene / children`s dental care

By nature, our teeth are designed in such a complex manner, even dental professionals have some difficulties to clean them 100%.

Therefore, since each person has a unique, more or less dental hygiene deficit, we need a systematic approach to compensate for this deficit on a regular basis: dental hygiene or prophylaxis.

Through regular dental hygiene- / prophylaxis treatments, the two major diseases of our mouth caries (“tooth decay") and periodontitis ("periodontitis", "tooth loosening") can be, in most cases, avoided.

The time interval between the dental hygiene- / prophylaxis treatments can vary from 6 weeks up to one year, depending on individual needs (persons with high caries risk, elderly or disabled people with mobility problems, ...). What is important is the regularity of the implementation, since the harmful biofilm ("plaque" "plaque") forms again and again.

In order to detect and prevent caries in children’s primary teeth and misaligned teeth, we offer your children an annual school dental service check-up. 

Regular checkups are important!

Our Recall-System helps you not to forget your regular check-up by sending you a reminder a month before the scheduled check-up. So you can choose you appointment according to your wishes and needs.