Crowns/Bridges and Prosthodontics

For a long time, the fabrication of crowns and bridges made it necessary for patients to go through several uncomfortable procedures as a patient. In many cases, this can now be avoided with CAD / CAM technology:

After preparing the affected teeth, a scan (optical impression) is taken with a 3D camera. This is then edited using special software on our computer and virtually designing the crown or bridge.

Next, a grinding machine connected to the computer will form the crown or bridge with help from two diamond cutters made of a ceramic block.

After a brief try-in the mouth, the crown / bridge can be adjusted to fit. Depending on the material used, it will be shaped/adjusted in an oven and then immediately cemented in the mouth. Thus, with this procedure, it is no longer necessary for further sessions, as well as no need to wear the annoying temporaries which could fall out at any given time.

This technique is suitable for almost all kinds of crowns and bridges, whether connected to your teeth, implants or both.  

Because we try to avoid alloys in our dental laboratory, the esthetics of crowns and bridges are more natural and tooth-like than in the conventional way of manufacturing crowns and bridges. Above, the costs for the patients are accordingly lower.