The guiding principle in my work is to treat each patient individually. This means that each individual is our priority. Both the individual findings and the patients wishes and needs are the main concern of my treatment offers. Some  practices and hospitals give an impersonal plan after a ‘routine and general evaluation’.  This is not the case at our practice. But do not worry: this does not necessarily mean that our unique plan is associated with high or higher costs than elsewhere. By conducting extensive prevention methods and years of the latest diagnostic methods (Example: a laser to detect tooth defects), we can already see the smallest changes and treat these with minimal pain. In the long run, if a damaged tooth is repaired at an early stage, it will not only conserve and maintain healthy tooth substance, but also the cost will be much lower than for a more elaborate treatment in later stages.


Even if there is already major damage and a more extensive treatment is indicated, we offer the latest treatment methods, example:LASER for periodontal and endodontic treatment is also done in our practice. 

One of my main concerns is that you understand what is involved in your individual treatment details, so that together we can make the right decisions. This way, no examinations and / or treatments will be done without your knowledge and with you being included in all treatment findings and decisions. 

When it comes to dental problems, you as a layperson are hardly in the position to identify and solve dental problems on your own. Therefore, we try to give you a counseling session with or without audiovisual support and the necessary information for you to decide on your (oral) health.

We see ourselves as your counselors and therapists; the final decision on the scope of the measures to be implemented concerning your oral health must or may be taken by you the patient. 

In short:

Dentistry ... as individual as your fingerprint.